• Why entrepreneurship works so well for women
    You may feel as if starting a business is just a dream, but that is exactly what many women are doing: leaving their jobs and becoming entrepreneurs. Forbes reports that 40% of the new entrepreneurs are women. The reasons for starting their own businesses are as unique as the women who accept the challenge, but according to statistics and surveys, many women have similar motivating factors at heart. Here are a few of the reasons...
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  • FAQs about Guardianship of the Person
    There are a number of reasons that an adult in New Jersey may become unable to take care of his or her own matters. According to the New Jersey Courts, when an adult becomes incapacitated, a probate judge may appoint someone to take care of the individual’s needs. What causes incapacitation? The court has a specific list of impairments that may render a person incapacitated: Mental illness or deficiency Developmental disability Physical disability or illness...
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  • Serving as the executor of an estate
    You may have felt honored when your family member asked if you would be willing to accept the role of executor of his or her New Jersey estate plan. Now that you actually have to fulfill the duties, it may seem a little intimidating. We at Ritigstein Law, LLC, often assist executors in their administration tasks. Here are some responsibilities that are typical for closing out an estate. Begin the probate process notes that...
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  • Should you hire an employee or an independent contractor?
    Your New Jersey business has taken off, and you need help. Before you place an ad for an employee, you may want to consider whether an independent contractor may meet your needs better. The answers to the following questions may impact your hiring decision. How much control do you want? notes that if you hire an employee, you have significantly more control. You get to set the schedule, and you can dictate how he...
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  • Are you aware of government regulations for your business?
    You have started to put your business plan in motion, and you feel nearly ready to open your physical location in New Jersey. Before you proceed, have you read up on the latest government regulations? Fundera lays out a lot of the groundwork for you. Familiarize yourself with these regulations to better ensure you and your business remain on the government’s good side. Labor and employment law If you plan on hiring regular employees or...
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  • Discussing estate plans with family
    Some in New Jersey have done their part to continue taking care of their families after they pass away. That said, creating an estate plan is one thing, but talking about that plan is something else entirely. Cadence Bank provides advice for those unsure of how to discuss their estate plans with family. This vital conversation is one of the most important that a person can have in her or his life. Lend adult children...
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  • Ensure your will is valid in New Jersey
    The person who creates a will, known as the “testator,” can outline exactly what they want to happen to their assets after they pass. A will can include any information someone wishes to pass on to loved ones about their property, but a few requirements apply to make the will legally enforceable. Below, we outline some of the most frequently asked questions about creating a will that is valid in The Garden State. What makes...
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  • Three tips for building a successful franchise
    Many entrepreneurs enter the business world by investing in a franchise. Franchises often have the protection of an already established brand but allow owners to be creative to distinguish their franchise from others. However, owners must walk a fine line to achieve success in the world of franchises. Here are some essential tips for establishing and maintaining a successful franchise: 1. Always consider and plan for the future Nearly every business owner understands the importance—and...
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  • Your estate plan should change along with you
    Forbes recently published an article discussing the four most common myths about estate planning. One of those myths is that it is not necessary to revise an estate plan after establishing it. This myth was listed at number four, but it should have been at the top of the list. It is not only one of the most common myths, but also one of the most dangerous. In our busy lives, it is already a...
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  • Why is mediation good for contract disputes?
    Business owners that have several contractors under their employment should have a good understanding of what mediation is. This negotiation process is used often by companies for employment legal problems that could cost additional money and time for both clients in litigation. However, if the case turns out to have more complications, then mediation may also end up as a waste of time before heading to court. Even though mediation has become an increasingly popular...
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Michael Ritigstein is a Founding Partner of the firm concentrating his efforts in supporting the firm's litigation, corporate and estate matters. Mr. Ritigstein graduated from the University of Delaware in 1996 and Seton Hall University School of Law in 2000. In 2007 he received a Masters of Law in Taxation with a concentration in Estate Planning, from Temple University's Beasley School of Law.

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