Effective And Efficient Attorneys For 
Your Personal And Professional Needs

Effective And Efficient Attorneys For Your Personal And Professional Needs

The attorneys at Ritigstein Law, are knowledgeable advisors who help clients achieve their goals in estate planning, probate, business law and litigation.

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Seasoned Assistance For Your Probate And Estate Administration Needs

Settling an estate can be a complex process. As an estate plan often features several legal documents, ensuring the proper distribution of all property involved can be a considerable amount of work for the executor. During what may already be an emotional time, an executor may find themselves overwhelmed with the totality of their responsibilities.

Fortunately, an experienced attorney can offer valuable assistance in probate and estate administration. Our lawyers at Ritigstein Law have successfully helped Haddonfield clients in settling their loved ones’ estates, and if the occasion should call for it, we are also prepared to litigate.

We Can help You Understand A Complex Process

Our attorneys are well-versed in estate administration, and we can help you navigate the probate process. We will take the time to help you make sense of each step, which may serve to ease your anxieties over the matter. Some of the services that we can offer as your estate administrator include:

  • Asset identification: Helping the executor locate assets, including retirement funds and insurance policies.
  • Asset distribution: Disbursing assets and property to beneficiaries and notifying all creditors.
  • Tax services: The completion and filing of all necessary estate and gift tax forms.

The probate process is completed once assets are disbursed to beneficiaries and creditors have been paid. An estate, if well-designed, may have little difficulty with probate. If someone makes a claim against an estate, however, it can escalate to litigation. Our lawyers can advocate on your behalf during litigation, and we always put the best interests of the estate at the forefront.

We Assist New Jersey Clients With Their Estate Law Matters

Ritigstein Law provides estate administration assistance to clients in Haddonfield and its surrounding communities. To find out more about our services, please email us today and arrange for your free 30-minute consultation. You can also contact our office by phone at 856-375-1473.