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Ditch the cookie-cutter employee handbooks

Small business owners have big responsibilities, and large companies are no different. Employees still have unique needs. Every workplace has a philosophy.

There is no law that requires an employer to provide an employee handbook. However, each individual workplace can strongly benefit from a customized handbook. This handbook should follow state and federal law, as well as develop policies and procedures.

Understanding the different types of business structures

When starting a business, you'll need to select an ownership structure for your new venture. There are pros and cons to each business structure and it's beneficial to devote time to learn about each one and choose the best for you. All of the decisions you make when beginning this journey are important, but choosing the type of legal structure is probably the most important thing relating to taxes. 

3 considerations when dividing ownership of a partnership

Your co-owner may be a spouse, sibling, friend or professional connection, but your partnership agreement will form the basis of your working relationship for the lifespan of your business.

Not only will determining ownership affect each owner's personal finances, but it will also shape the way that your business grows over time. Keep in mind, however, that ownership and liability may not necessarily be the same; your attorney can provide further information about each topic.

What you should know about probate in New Jersey

After a loved one passes away, figuring out how to administer his or her estate can be challenging, particularly if you have never done it before. You've likely heard horrible things about estates languishing in probate and wonder if that is going to happen to you. If it does, do not worry. You do not have to endure the probate process alone.

What is probate? Is it always necessary? How does it work in New Jersey? Is there anything else I need to know about the probate process?

The information you need to choose a trustee

Making most of the decisions regarding your trust may not have been terribly challenging. More than likely, you already had some idea of who to name as the beneficiaries, along with how and when distributions would take place.

Then, it came time to decide who would administer your trust. This decision is the one that you may recognize carries a significant amount of importance for the futures of your beneficiaries. If you choose the wrong person, all of the work you did to provide for your beneficiaries could be in vain.

Take a step back this summer and set goals for your business

As summer approaches, many people make plans for vacation. This is a time to relax and refresh so you can feel renewed when you get back to work. If you are a small business owner, you may wish to use your vacation -- or any downtime -- to consider the goals you have for your business.

Goals are essential for new business ventures, but even veteran business owners can benefit from seeing plans through new eyes. Goal setting for your business does not have to be painful and you should consider updating your business's goals throughout the life of your New Jersey business. Setting targets to reach is one of the most effective ways a company can keep progressing and improving.

What business-related lawsuits should you prepare for?

When you considered the various aspects of starting your own business, you may have focused on the positive aspects. MFocusing on future success, how you would finance your endeavors and where you would set up shop may have all been exciting and important aspects of your plans to consider. However, you may want to remember that every part of running your business will not be positive.

Businesses often have many legal responsibilities to contend with, and while some of those obligations may relate to obtaining permits and ensuring that operating procedures are in order, you could also face more serious issues in the form of litigation. While you certainly intend on conducting business in a professional and upstanding manner, you may still want to prepare for the possibility that someone could file a lawsuit against you.

The creation of a special needs trust could benefit your family

Estate planning is a crucial step for every New Jersey family, but your family may have special needs that you should address with your estate plan. If you have a special needs child or you have a family member who will not be able to care for himself or herself in the future, you can include certain things in your plan for that person's care.

One of the ways you can do this is by establishing a special needs trust. This step will ensure the care and protection of a loved one in the future by setting aside certain assets for this specific use. If you do not have an estate plan or need to add a special needs trust to an existing plan, you would be prudent to act quickly.

Find out what mistakes could derail your estate plan

Estate planning is an important step for all New Jersey adults, regardless of the size of their estates. You have worked hard to build your estate, save for your future and build wealth to leave your loved ones, and you have the right to decide what happens to it. Whether you own a little or a lot, estate planning allows you to make important decisions about your property.

Having a will is good, but you may need more than one estate planning tool to protect your estate and beneficiaries. Making mistakes in the estate planning process or leaving things out could lead to significant difficulties and issues for you and your beneficiaries down the road. It is worthwhile to evaluate your plan and address any issues as soon as possible.

Does your physician employment contract benefit you?

You may be starting out in your medical career or looking for a change of scenery when you find yourself in the stressful process of finding a new job. There are many things to consider when job hunting, such as the location of the facility and the kind of medicine you will practice. Because you may hope to stay in your next position for many years, you will want to make sure it will best fit your needs.

When you accept a position at a hospital or medical facility, you will likely have to sign an employment contract. Your contract may include standard information, such as benefits and time off. However, your contract may include some negotiable terms, and failing to closely examine these terms can lock you into an unpleasant situation.

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