Blog: Employment Agreements

  • Know the basics on non-compete agreements
    You may have a successful career in a large company in the big city, but as time goes on you want to leave your current employment to work for a smaller company such as one in the Haddonfield area. When this happens your new employer may want you to sign a non-compete agreement. Before signing it is important that you understand how a non-compete affects your rights as an employee. The following is a basic...
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  • Consideration for employees signing restrictive covenants
    The types of restrictive covenants available to you as a business owner in New Jersey include non-competition, non-disclosure and non-solicitation agreements. You can ask your employees to sign a restrictive covenant that meets these conditions: It is not injurious to the public, does not place undue hardship on your employees and protects your legitimate business interests. Signing a restrictive covenant means that the employees must give something up. To make up for what your employees willingly relinquish by...
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  • Why is mediation good for contract disputes?
    Business owners that have several contractors under their employment should have a good understanding of what mediation is. This negotiation process is used often by companies for employment legal problems that could cost additional money and time for both clients in litigation. However, if the case turns out to have more complications, then mediation may also end up as a waste of time before heading to court. Even though mediation has become an increasingly popular...
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  • Does your physician employment contract benefit you?
    You may be starting out in your medical career or looking for a change of scenery when you find yourself in the stressful process of finding a new job. There are many things to consider when job hunting, such as the location of the facility and the kind of medicine you will practice. Because you may hope to stay in your next position for many years, you will want to make sure it will best...
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  • Does an employer want you to agree to restrictive covenants?
    After a long job search, you may have finally received an offer that has you feeling excited. The position may allow you to use your skills and education while also offering a comfortable salary. As a result, you may feel ready to jump right in and get started to get your career on an upward path. Though your enthusiasm may be warranted, you may want to proceed with some caution. If your prospective employer...
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