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  • Preventing workplace sexual harassment claims
    Running a business in New Jersey comes with many challenges. One of these is knowing the right ways to protect your business from lawsuits, which can cost you money and destroy your reputation. This is especially true when it comes to sexual harassment claims. Even an allegation of sexual harassment that was not properly addressed can cause you problems that you cannot recover from. It is important to know both how to reduce your chance...
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  • EEOC Mediation can help small businesses save money
    When business owners start out their small business, there are a lot of concerns. At the beginning, they likely focus on choosing the right formation documents to create the best entity for their business. They want to maximize liability protection, minimize taxes and maximize their tax write-offs. What they may not be thinking about at the beginning though, is human resources practice to minimize potential discrimination lawsuits. Should I think about HR policies now? If...
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  • New Jersey workers have whistleblower protections
    Businesses should take steps to prevent and address misconduct and violations of laws and regulations. They can also face penalties if there is retaliation against whistleblowers. CEPA New Jersey employment law provides whistleblower protection under the Conscientious Employee Protection Act. CEPA protects workers’ jobs when they object to or report conduct that they reasonably believe violates a law or regulation, or is dangerous to the public health, safety and welfare. In the healthcare field, CEPA...
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  • How to address dispute resolution in your employee handbook
    Your small business may have just gotten off the ground, and you have yet to develop an employee handbook. Nevertheless, employees in your business may have disputes. Without a handbook, these disputes can lead to a lawsuit that could spell the end of your business. If you have an employee handbook, you can include dispute resolution processes in it that can hopefully help you avoid litigation. Mediation Your employee handbook can contain provisions stating employment...
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  • Four important clauses to include in an employee handbook
    If you are a small business owner in New Jersey, such as the sole owner of a small manufacturing company, you may want to make sure your employees understand their rights and duties. One way to accomplish this is by executing a comprehensive employee handbook. Doing so can help prevent legal claims, such as a sexual harassment suit, before they arise. The following is an overview of some important clauses that you may want to...
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  • Understanding New Jersey’s law on non-disclosure agreements
    Non-disclosure agreements are a popular method used by businesses and celebrities to protect information from public disclosure. Such agreements are commonly used by both small and large businesses in New Jersey to protect their proprietary information from snooping by competitors. They are also used in the aftermath of a lawsuit that has been settled to prevent the parties from disclosing the details of the claim and the terms of the settlement. A seismic shift in...
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