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Working through probate and estate administration issues

On Behalf of | Aug 3, 2020 | probate & estate administration | 0 comments

Most people in New Jersey never have any contact with the court system outside of, perhaps, a traffic violation. That’s why when you have been named the executor of a deceased loved one’s estate, you may have a wide variety of questions about the process. Working through probate and estate administration issues can, indeed, be complex at times.

For example, one of the most important steps the executor of an estate needs to accomplish is the identification of all of the assets in the estate. Most people probably think this is fairly simple – just walk into the deceased person’s residence and gather things up, right? Unfortunately, it is rarely that simple. Many people have more assets than they know about, even if they have a will in place as part of an estate plan. Executors oftentimes need to account for a deceased person’s retirement accounts, pensions and insurance policies that, in some cases, not all of the intended beneficiaries know about.

And then, even when all of the estate’s assets are accounted for, there is the actual process of distributing the assets. This can include complicated legal transactions, involving carefully drafted legal documents that will need to be reviewed.

At our law firm, we work with New Jersey residents who are pushing through the myriad issues they face during the probate and estate administration process. It can be complicated, but with the right information the job can be done correctly. For more information about how we help our clients in New Jersey, please visit the probate and estate administration overview section of our law firm’s website.

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