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Why entrepreneurship works so well for women

On Behalf of | Aug 22, 2019 | small business law | 0 comments

You may feel as if starting a business is just a dream, but that is exactly what many women are doing: leaving their jobs and becoming entrepreneurs. Forbes reports that 40% of the new entrepreneurs are women.

The reasons for starting their own businesses are as unique as the women who accept the challenge, but according to statistics and surveys, many women have similar motivating factors at heart. Here are a few of the reasons that entrepreneurship is so beneficial for women.

Flexibility and freedom

Do you ever feel tied down by a nine-to-five schedule? It can be difficult to stick with that rigid time structure day after day, especially for women who have responsibilities outside of work such as caring for children, managing a household or providing assistance for a parent or other aging or incapacitated family member.

In surveys, women report that they value the flexibility of entrepreneurship—and some find it an even better motivation than money. You do not necessarily have to trade money for flexibility, though.

Financial benefits

The glass ceiling is still solid, keeping women at 80% of the pay their male counterparts receive. Women who strike out on their own have the ability to set their own rates and receive the pay they deserve.

Another benefit of getting out from under the glass ceiling is your ability to advance. According to research, women are not on the same footing as men: They are 15% less likely to receive promotions. When you are the boss, you do not have to worry about whether the boss has an unconscious bias against women.

Fulfilling work

Finding your dream job may be a lot more difficult than creating your dream job. Many women start businesses because they want to tap into their own inspiration and create a career they can feel passionate about. If you share that desire to make your dreams reality, you may want to consider the resources available for women entrepreneurs.

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