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Effective And Efficient Attorneys For Your Personal And Professional Needs

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Navigating the Probate process with a helping hand

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While the emotional effects of losing a loved one can linger for a long time, there are some important realities those close to the deceased will have to deal with in the short term. One of those important items will be the disposition of that person’s property, known as the process of estate administration.

When a person passes away, that person’s estate enters probate, which is directed by the courts. The court will oversee this process to help ensure that person’s desires are properly followed. However, it also ensures interested parties like creditors get what is owed to them, and the existence of multiple beneficiaries, those creditors, and what can sometimes be a nebulous assortment of assets can quickly make the process feel overwhelming.

Enter experienced legal representation like the attorneys at Ritigstein Law. In many cases, the more difficult issues that could come up during the probate process can be avoided with appropriate planning ahead of time. A trusted advisor can help develop a comprehensive plan for identifying assets, limiting taxes and assuring appropriate distribution.

However, if things do get complicated and litigation is needed, a strong advocate can also help interested parties protect their rights. If someone else makes a claim to the estate, having someone in your corner that can evaluate the case and propose a path forward can provide important peace of mind in addition to a fair resolution.

Understanding the probate process and how best to approach estate administration is a great first step to protecting yourself and loved ones. To learn more, visit our probate & estate planning page.

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