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Effective And Efficient Attorneys For Your Personal And Professional Needs

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Will Contests Are Complex Legal Challenges

When a loved one passes, the particulars of their will can give rise to debate. In blended families especially, some beneficiaries may feel as though the integrity of the will is in question. In these instances, challenges can be mounted, but without experienced legal assistance, the fight can be a difficult one.

At Ritigstein Law, our attorneys have significant experience in aiding Haddonfield clients with their will contests. New Jersey state law dictates strict guidelines for challenging a will, and our firm has the requisite knowledge and commitment needed for these often complex disputes.

When Can You Challenge A Will?

It is best to contest a will as soon as possible after it enters the probate process. While it is possible to issue a challenge after probate, it is a difficult task. Those with “standing”— typically beneficiaries or heirs who would have direct ties to the estate in the absence of a will — can issue challenges for a number of reasons, including:

  • Undue influence: This occurs when another party influences the testator in a way that does not adhere to their true wishes.
  • Incapacitation: A challenge may be viable if the testator did not have the mental capacity necessary to create a will.
  • An invalid will: If a will is not valid by New Jersey’s standards — signed and dated with two witnesses — that will may be rendered void.

Depending on your avenue for contesting a will, the burden of proof can be significant. For this reason, it is often prudent to consult with a lawyer. At Ritigstein Law, we are well-versed in this area of estate litigation, and we can help you move forward with your challenge.

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