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Undue Influence Can Taint The Validity Of A Will

Creating a will allows for an individual to generously pass on their assets. When there is a sizable estate involved, however, inheritance shares can become points of contention for beneficiaries. In some cases, an heir may even take it upon themselves to sway a family member’s estate planning decisions through deceit and other unsavory tactics.

Such actions are considered undue influence. When proven in court, undue influence can void a will. If you suspect that a loved one’s will does not reflect their actual desires, a Haddonfield law firm like ours at Ritigstein Law may be able to help.

Potential Grounds For Contesting A Will

In the state of New Jersey, a party providing undue influence can be cause to challenge a will. This requires proving that the will’s testator was vulnerable to manipulation due to their mental, physical or economic state. Some examples of undue influence can include:

  • An individual’s caretaker preying on their dependence and seeking a large share of their estate
  • A testator’s children being edged out of their will at the recommendation of a spouse
  • Another party participating too closely in the drafting of a will, offering input that serves their best interests

Undue influence can happen in a variety of ways, but it typically manifests as the surprising allocation of certain sums. A lawyer who is well-versed in this segment of estate litigation — such as ours at Ritigstein Law — may be able to help you recognize the signs of undue influence in a loved one’s will.

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