Effective And Efficient Attorneys For 
Your Personal And Professional Needs

Effective And Efficient Attorneys For Your Personal And Professional Needs

The attorneys at Ritigstein Law, are knowledgeable advisors who help clients achieve their goals in estate planning, probate, business law and litigation.

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We Offer Committed Corporate Litigation Assistance

If you operate a business, you are aware that disputes can happen. Whether internal or external, these disagreements can escalate to litigation. To protect your financial interests, you need legal counsel from an attorney’s assistance that you can rely on.

At Ritigstein Law, we work with business owners in Haddonfield and other New Jersey communities as they navigate the varying facets of corporate litigation. Our attorneys can assist you in an assortment of commercial disputes, and we offer a committed approach that puts the future of your business first.

A Dispute Can Be Costly

When a conflict arises with your business, how you confront it matters. A dispute can become a costly and time-consuming nuisance, and effective legal counsel can help you protect the financial health of your enterprise. Our attorneys can aid you in several areas of corporate litigation, including:

  • Breach of contract: We can assist you if a vendor or other external party does not satisfy the terms of an agreement.
  • Partnership disputes: If a partnership has become untenable, we can help you ensure that noncompete agreements are observed.
  • Employment disputes: An employee raising a wage, harassment or other dispute can be daunting. We can help you explore your available options.

Many business disputes are preventable. Our firm can assist you with designing contracts and negotiating corporate transactions so that you can better protect your business in the future. At Ritigstein Law, we can help you take measures to ensure your company’s continued success.

Find Out How Ritigstein Law Can Help Your Business

We understand that the future of your business is paramount to you. For a free 30-minute case assessment with one of our experienced lawyers, call us today at 856-375-1473. You can also contact our firm via email. We proudly serve business owners throughout the state of New Jersey.